Xiaomi X10 | The new vacuum-mopping robot with suction station

The Xiaomi X10 is one of the latest vacuum robot models from Xiaomi. The new vacuum cleaner comes with its own suction station!

Xiaomi X10 | The new vacuum-mopping robot with suction station

As part of a product presentation in Milan, Xiaomi presented the latest vacuum robots . One of them is the brand new Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10. This vacuum robot seems to be a basic version with intelligent laser navigation and an additional suction station. In any case, it doesn’t have much in common with the Xiaomi X10+. Nevertheless, it has everything on board that a vacuum robot needs for its work and is also available on the market at an entry-level price. I’ll show you what he can do!

This is what the Xiaomi X10 looks like

Who would have thought? The new Xiaomi X10 , including the suction station, comes onto the German market in white . The LiDAR sensor in the laser tower alone has been given the orange touch, which is typical for Xiaomi, to round off the rather timeless design. As usual, round and with a great processing quality, Xiaomi shows a familiar appearance. The suction station is also kept simple and modern in white and obviously trumps with its compact size.

This is how the Xiaomi X10 navigates

The tech giant has given the new robotic vacuum cleaner intelligent and predictive laser navigation . You can tell by the LiDAR sensor installed on the top. With this technique, the robot is able to scan the spatial environment and create a detailed spatial map. In the future, the robot will orientate itself on this and drive through your home in straight, unerring paths. He also always knows where he is, where he has been and where he still has to go.

Can he recognize objects lying around?

The Xiaomi X10 is equipped with various infrared sensors that prevent the robot from colliding with a wide variety of objects such as walls and furniture. The vacuum robot does not have intelligent obstacle avoidance , i.e. special obstacle avoidance technology for small objects . Various fall sensors protect it from falling from great heights.

Can the suction power convince?

Xiaomi gives the new robot a whopping 4000 Pascal. That doesn’t sound like much at first when you compare the suction power with the performance of cordless vacuum cleaners. These are in fact in the 30,000 mark. However, a vacuum robot does not have to provide such a power, since the built-in floor brush and the power generated directly on the floor require significantly fewer wumps to successfully remove dirt from the floor. The distance between the suction motor and suction opening to the floor is much shorter than that of a handheld vacuum. Thus, the X10 is also ideal for animal hair or coarse dirt.

Can the Xiaomi X10 also wipe?

The new vacuum robot from Xiaomi has an active wiping function with it. This can optionally be attached to the vacuum robot if required . However, this does not have any vibrating or oscillating function, which means that the wiping function is only suitable for removing left-over dust or light footprints. A few years ago this technology was still state of the art, but today it is a bit outdated. Nevertheless, since you can adjust it individually thanks to a water pump, it ensures a permanently shiny floor.

What does such a suction station offer me?

The comfort offered by a suction station is only understandable when you have used one yourself. For households without animals or children and without a lot of dirt, such a suction station is quite unnecessary. However, should the case mentioned occur, it is indispensable in my eyes. After each cleaning, the vacuum robot docksat its suction station, which then immediately starts sucking out the 450 ml dust container in the robot. A large and loud negative pressure pulls even the smallest dirt particles out of the container and transports them through a suction shaft directly into a dust bag in the station. This lasts for several weeks before it needs to be changed. When removed, it also closes itself, which makes a suction station ideal for allergy sufferers.

How is the Xiaomi X10 controlled?

You either start or stop the robot using the buttons on the device, or you connect it to the in-house and, in my opinion, successful Xiaomi Home app. It is only through this connection that the full potential of the Xiaomi X10 unfolds and thus offers you full control over all possible functions. You can interact with the created room map by adapting it, drawing in restricted zones or assigning individual services to different rooms. A wide variety of automations with other Xiaomi devices are also possible with the app and voice control using Alexa and Google can also be set up.

My opinion on the Xiaomi X10

The Xiaomi X10 is unsurprisingly new despite having just launched. Also, he doesn’t trump with newly invented innovations or anything like that. It is simply a vacuum-mopping robot with a suction station that relies on old, but proven and perhaps a little more coordinated functions. Roborock has already used the same principle with the Roborock Q7 Max , which has been a resounding success. Can Xiaomi do it too? We will see.

The price plays a special role with this device, since the competition is tough on the market and trumps with the same functions. It is currently available on Amazon for a starting price of €449.99. The price is okay, although it is about €50 above average. However, the RRP of €499.99 makes the Xiaomi X10 a bit too expensive again. Here you should wait for offers and look out for the best deals.

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