Telekom offers new Magenta TV packages with Netflix and RTL+ – free use for the first 6 months.

New packages at Telekom Magenta TV: Free Netflix and RTL+ for 6 months

Telekom has recently unveiled exciting new bundles for Magenta TV, featuring the inclusion of popular streaming services such as Netflix and RTL+. Not only that, but Waipu is also offering new Netflix deals. While these bundles don’t offer a permanent price reduction, they do come with an attractive promotional offer for the first few months. Let’s delve into the details of these packages and explore the benefits they provide.

Two prominent bundles, namely “Mega Stream” and “Smart Netflix,” have captured the attention of users. Priced at 26 euros and 13 euros respectively, these packages allow customers to enjoy a reduced monthly price for the initial six months, after which the regular charges will apply from the seventh month onwards.

Magenta TV is renowned for its extensive lineup of over 100 high-definition channels, ensuring a diverse range of content for viewers. Moreover, it boasts an extensive library of films and series, including its own original productions. This means that subscribers can look forward to a rich selection of entertainment options. Additionally, Magenta TV offers 100 hours of storage for live TV, providing ample room for recording your favorite shows. Furthermore, you can stream content simultaneously on up to three devices, making it a convenient choice for households with multiple viewers.

The “Smart Netflix” package not only incorporates Netflix, but it also includes RTL+. Netflix, offered in its standard plan with ads, ensures access to a wide variety of movies and series. Furthermore, RTL+ adds an additional dimension to the package, providing users with even more content to enjoy. On the other hand, the “Mega Stream” bundle not only includes Netflix and RTL+ but also incorporates Disney+. Subscribers to this package gain access to an extensive collection of content from Disney’s vast library, making it an appealing option for fans of Disney movies and shows.

It’s worth noting that these bundles don’t require an internet connection from Telekom and can be combined with existing services. Moreover, Telekom customers can avail themselves of even better prices, adding another incentive to explore these offers.

For those who enjoy streaming throughout the summer and are already planning their winter viewing, Telekom’s new offerings are certainly worth considering. With an impressive selection of channels, its own library of films and series, and the inclusion of popular streaming services like Netflix, RTL+, and Disney+, Telekom’s Magenta TV bundles cater to a wide range of viewing preferences. Whether you prefer dramas, comedies, documentaries, or even the latest blockbusters, these packages provide a comprehensive entertainment solution.

Don’t miss out on these enticing offers from Telekom, allowing you to enjoy a diverse array of content from the comfort of your own home. Take advantage of the promotional pricing and explore the world of Magenta TV to enhance your streaming experience both now and in the months to come.

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