SEO Website Migration Checklist – You Must need to know

You heard about website migration word in your Digital marketing or SEO-related field and wondered why website migration is a scary part for every website owner or Digital marketer. The reason website migration is a dangerous part for every website owner or Digital marketer is that it can negatively impact the website’s search engine rankings if not properly followed a process.

That’s why we have developed an SEO website migration checklist to make sure your website migration process is smooth and successful. it’s an in-depth guide so we cover every aspect of Migration, including what you have done before post-migration, during migration, and after migration, to ensure you experience no loss in ranking, and ultimately achieve your migration goal without losing any traffic.

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What is website migration?

Website migration is a change website’s major elements such as design, platform, server, or domain with the purpose of improving user experience, functionality, and performance of the website.

Type of Migrations

Domain change – in this type of migration, the website domain changes from one domain to a new one or a merger of two domains.

Structure and Design Migration – When a website is fully redesigned from the old version to new version or layout changes, it’s called structure and design migration.

Server Migrations – server migration refers to transferring the website from one hosting service provider to another while keeping the same domain name and URL structure.

Platform Migration – When you need to transfer your website from one type of cms to another cms or platform that are called platform migration.

Before Migration:

Planning – planning is the first phase of website migration First set a clear goal and what time frame you complete the migration process. create a full plan with designers, developers, and SEO experts.

Backup your old website

Backup your website is the first step in the migration process. It’s essential to have a full backup of your website that includes all files and data. So, if the migration process goes wrong or does not comply with your plan, you can reverse this process. Also, this is useful for comparing to a new version. This will give you a point of reference to make sure that all websites have been correctly migrated.

List Down all priorities pages

Listing down all the important pages that most of the traffic and user come from. this page needs to be given high priority and should be most of the attention on this page during migration.

After Migration

Check All Elements and priorities pages

When SEO Migration is completed it’s important to check every important to check element on a website including design, content, functionality, HTTP status code, and page speed. make sure everything working and also check all priorities page’s URL broken links.

Track the Performance of Your Website

Tracking is the final stage of website migration. First, check all analytics code implement and work perfectly. then check real-time analytics metrics such as website URL, total traffic, bounce rate, and pages that have high traffic.

Check All broken links and 404 Pages

Broken links harm our website Authority and also negative impact on our website user experience this leads to a decrease in traffic and overall performance.

Indexing Report

Google search console provides you with indexing page reports or you can check manually which page is crawled and indexed. also, there is numerous tool available that check All URL in bulk. if you did it perfectly then you may take benefit from SEO in business.

Migration is a daunting task for any website owner or SEO marketer but if you follow this checklist and you can minimize the risk of errors and ensure a seamless migration process.

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