Protection against overheating: The Pixel Watch switches itself off

The Pixel Watch can automatically turn itself off if it overheats – an important feature for protecting the hardware.

Many users are well aware of the heating issues, especially in the Pixel lineup. While it is normal for devices to warm up during summer usage, Pixel smartphones often go beyond the usual warmth and become excessively hot, leading to service disruptions. It is not just the Pixel smartphones that suffer from this problem; even the Pixel Watch can experience overheating and automatically shut down.

Although this occurrence shouldn’t be too frequent, it is a possibility. To counteract the heat, the Pixel Watch is equipped with a built-in emergency screen that activates when the watch becomes too hot. This feature allows the smartwatch to shut down automatically in order to cool down. Once the watch has cooled off, it will notify the user when it wakes up again.

Fortunately, I personally haven’t encountered any instances where my Pixel Watch has become too hot. However, the situation is different when it comes to Pixel cell phones. Unfortunately, I have experienced numerous occasions where Google’s smartphones slow down or even shut down entirely due to excessive heat. On the other hand, my Galaxy phone doesn’t exhibit such behavior, even when used under the scorching sun.

Overall, it is evident that there is a heating issue within the Pixel lineup, particularly with the smartphones. While the Pixel Watch incorporates protective measures to mitigate overheating, the same cannot be said for the smartphones. This disparity becomes apparent when comparing the behavior of a Galaxy phone, which remains unaffected even under intense heat exposure. It is crucial for Google to address these heat-related concerns in their Pixel devices to ensure a seamless and uninterrupted user experience, especially during warmer seasons.

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