Polishing paste for teeth – This is how you ensure bright white teeth

A bright white row of teeth is what many people want. However, brushing your teeth daily is often not enough to remove stubborn stains. This is where the polishing paste comes into play – a real insider tip for a perfect smile.

What is a tooth polishing paste ?

The polishing paste for teeth is a special toothpaste that is used to gently clean teeth. Unlike traditional toothpaste, it contains fine particles that remove stubborn stains and whiten teeth. The polishing paste is particularly gentle on tooth enamel and does not attack it.

How is a polishing paste for teeth used?

The polishing paste should not be used every day, but only as a supplement to conventional dental care. Once a week is perfectly sufficient. It is important not to leave the polishing paste on the teeth for too long and not to apply too much pressure in order not to damage the tooth enamel. After use, you should rinse your mouth thoroughly with water.

What are the advantages of a polishing paste for teeth?

A polishing paste offers numerous benefits for dental health. It not only removes discolouration and ensures a radiantly white smile, but also for a smooth tooth surface. This makes it harder for bacteria and plaque to adhere, reducing the risk of cavities and gingivitis.

Which polishing paste is the right one?

There are a variety of toothpastes on the market. But not all are equally good. When buying, make sure that the polishing paste was specially developed for use on teeth and is free of harmful ingredients such as bleaching agents. A good rating from other users can also help with the decision.

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