New Android Auto 9.7 is coming directly, without beta testing

The latest version of Android Auto, 9.7, is being rolled out directly without a beta and should be available on your devices soon.

The latest release of Android Auto, version 9.7, has taken a departure from the usual process by skipping the beta phase. Instead, it will be directly rolled out to devices through the Google Play Store in the coming days. The reasons behind Google’s decision to forgo the beta version remain unknown, leaving us with mere speculation.

One possibility that arises is the upcoming Pixel Feature Drop, which might introduce new functionalities to Android Auto. This could explain the deviation from the regular development cycle. However, even in this regard, things haven’t proceeded as expected. The Pixel Feature Drop failed to arrive on time, further adding to the puzzle. It becomes increasingly challenging to explain the absence of an intermediate version of Android Auto in light of these developments.

Currently, no visible changes are apparent, indicating that the inclusion of any noticeable enhancements in Android Auto 9.7 may require a server-side switch. If Google intends to introduce visible innovations, it is likely that they will implement them through such a switch. Consequently, it becomes imperative to await the mentioned Pixel Feature Drop, slated to arrive within the next six days, to ascertain the potential changes.

In summary, the release of Android Auto 9.7 without a beta version represents a departure from the norm. The delayed arrival of the Pixel Feature Drop and the absence of an intermediary Android Auto version contribute to the intrigue surrounding this release. To uncover any visible improvements, we must anticipate a server-side switch and remain patient for the forthcoming Pixel Feature Drop, expected in the next six days.

Android Auto: New app versions can be downloaded in two ways
The most up-to-date version of Android Auto can be easily obtained through either the Google Play Store (including the beta version) or the faster alternative known as Apkmirror.

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