Mystery Box: What is it and is it worth it?

What is a mystery box?

A Mystery Box is a surprise box that you can buy for a fixed price without knowing what’s inside. The box contains various items from a specific category, such as technology, beauty, food or football. The value of the box should be higher than the purchase price, so that you can make a bargain. However, the content of the box is random and can vary greatly from box to box.

Where can you buy a Mystery Box?

There are various providers of mystery boxes, both online and offline. Some well-known examples are:

Mystery box at Media Markt: The consumer electronics store regularly offers mystery boxes in various price ranges and categories. The boxes contain items from the entire Media Markt range, such as smartphones, tablets, headphones or game consoles.
Amazon Mystery Boxes: The online giant also has a selection of mystery boxes on offer. The boxes can come from different sellers and have different themes, such as sweets, cosmetics or books.
Mystery boxes on eBay: Mystery boxes can also be bid for or bought directly on the auction platform. The boxes can come from private or commercial providers and can contain various items, such as jewellery, toys or clothing.

What are the pros and cons of a mystery box?

A mystery box can bring both fun and disappointment. The advantages and disadvantages of such a surprise box are:


One can bargain and get items that are worth more than the purchase price of the box.

You can let yourself be surprised and discover new products that you might not have bought otherwise.

You can give the Mystery Box as a gift or share it with friends and unpack it together.


You can fail and receive items you don’t like or don’t need.

You cannot have a right of exchange or a guarantee because you do not know the contents of the box beforehand.

You can get angry or jealous when others have received a better or more valuable box.

Conclusion: Buy Mystery Box or not?

Whether a mystery box is worthwhile or not depends on various factors, such as the price, the provider, the topic and your own taste. A Mystery Box is a game of chance where you can both win and lose. If you are willing to take the risk and like to be surprised, you can try a mystery box. However, if you prefer to know what you are buying and do not want to accumulate unnecessary things, you should rather keep your hands off it.

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