Massive upgrade: Leak reveals details about the Pixel 8 processor

First leaks about the Google Tensor G3 processor of the Pixel 8 reveal a major upgrade.

Massive Leak Reveals Upgrades to Google Pixel 8 Processor

After the recent official announcement regarding the wireless charging capabilities of the Pixel 8, a substantial leak has now surfaced, shedding light on the built-in processor of the two new Google phones. This leak comes from a highly reputable and well-known source who has a track record of relying on official source codes for Pixel-related revelations. Let’s dive into the details of the new Google Tensor G3 processor.

Upgraded CPU Performance with ARMv9 Cores

According to the leak, the Pixel 8 will feature a significant upgrade to its central processing unit (CPU). It is expected that the processor will make the switch to newer ARMv9 cores, potentially resulting in a substantial increase in performance. Additionally, the layout of the CPU has been altered. The new configuration includes one Cortex-X3 core, designed for high performance, along with four Cortex-A715 cores for medium performance, and four Cortex-A510 cores for efficiency. These improvements are anticipated to position the Pixel 8 on par with other top-tier devices from 2022.

Enhanced Graphics with Mali G715 GPU

The leak also discloses that the Pixel 8 will be equipped with a Mali G715 graphics processing unit (GPU). This GPU, introduced just last year, offers numerous advancements. It boasts a higher core count than its predecessors, operates at a higher clock speed, and even supports ray tracing. These enhancements ensure a superior graphical experience for Pixel 8 users. Furthermore, the Pixel 8 will support UFS 4 storage, currently recognized as one of the fastest data storage options for mobile phones, further enhancing overall performance.

Improved AI Capabilities with the New TPU

Google has been diligently working on a new Tensor Processing Unit (TPU), internally referred to as “Rio.” This updated TPU promises significant improvements, particularly in AI-related tasks. With the inclusion of Rio, the Pixel 8 will be capable of executing AI operations more efficiently and effectively, enhancing various aspects of user experience.

Switch to 64-bit Only and Introduction of AV1 Encoder

In a move towards modernization, the leak reveals that the Pixel 8 will finally transition to 64-bit architecture exclusively. This transition will allow for enhanced performance and compatibility with modern applications and software. Additionally, the Pixel 8 will introduce the modern AV1 encoder, providing users with a more efficient and higher-quality video streaming experience.

Faster Camera Processing with Stronger GXP

The leak also highlights the presence of a stronger GXP (Google Image Processing) unit in the Pixel 8. This improvement will enable the outsourcing of additional processing mechanisms from the camera, resulting in faster image processing and improved overall camera performance. Users can expect smoother, more responsive camera functionality.

In conclusion

The latest leak regarding the Google Pixel 8 processor reveals a range of significant upgrades. The transition to newer ARMv9 cores, along with the implementation of the Mali G715 GPU, ensures improved performance and enhanced graphical capabilities. The inclusion of the new TPU, codenamed Rio, brings advancements in AI-related tasks, while the switch to 64-bit architecture and the introduction of the AV1 encoder mark a modernization of the Pixel series. Lastly, the stronger GXP promises faster camera processing and an overall improved photography experience. With these updates, the Pixel 8 is set to compete with top-tier devices in 2022 and deliver a powerful and feature-rich user experience.

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