Recently, it has come to light bars that disposable vapes have a negative effect on the environment, with ITV News reporting that 1.3 million bars are being discarded into landfills every week. The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) recently conducted an investigation on Elf Bars and found that several of the products included more than double the allowed amount of liquid.

A lot of stores like Tesco, WHSmith, and Morrisons have taken Elf Bars off the shelf, however it may be temporary. The focus, therefore, has shifted to single-use items.

Disposables have been misrepresented in the media as containing double the legal limit of nicotine, which is accurate. However, we know that the intensity of nicotine per volume is still below the legal limit.

This week, British lawmakers debated a plan to ban the sale of disposable electronic cigarettes; the bill will have its second reading on March 24, 2023.


A large percentage of persons who have successfully quit smoking by utilising Elf Bars, Elux Bars, and Lost Marys may relapse if these products are banned. So, as a disposable vape user, what other choices do you have?

Many individuals who have tried vaping in the past have given up because of the hassle of having to change and prime coils and everything else, but with the development of disposables, hardware manufacturers have introduced far more user-friendly and convenient ways to begin vaping, such as the Ursa Nano.

If your pod starts to smell or taste burnt, just toss it (or the top) and get a new one. A full charge over USB-C takes only about 20 to 30 minutes, which is less than a day’s worth of time for most individuals.

You may get the full Elf Bar experience by purchasing Elf Liq, the liquid used in Elf Bar disposables. The user benefits tremendously from the low price. Based on the assumption that a user uses one disposable every day, this works out to about £150 per month. Buying an Ursa Nano would save you nearly £92 per month if you replaced it every month, which you don’t have to do, as the similar usage, including the £19.99 initial upfront, would cost approximately £20 in juice (60ml of liquid) and possibly around six pods, which would cost £18. That’s a low-cost method of inhaling Elf Bars.

E-Liquids, Salts, and E-Juices in 10ml Bottles from ELFBAR, Just £3.99!

Elfbar E-Liquids, Salt Nicotine E-Liquids, 10ml E-Liquids, 10ml Salts, CLOSE BLUEBERRY SOUR RASPBERRY 10ML


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ELF BAR E-LIQUIDS Watermelon Nic Salt 10ml £3.99

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E-Liquids, Salts, and E-Juices in 10ml Bottles from ELFBAR, Including “Close Blue Razz Lemonade.”


ELFBAR E-Liquids, 10ml E-Liquids, 10ml Salts, CLOSE APPLE PEACH NIC SALT £3.99

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ELFBAR E-Liquids, 10ml E-Liquids, 10ml Salts, CLOSE COTTON CANDY ICE, 10ml


E-Liquids, Salts, 10ml E-Liquids, 10ml Salts, CLOSE SPEARMINT NIC SALT 10ML ELFBAR



Both in-store and online clients frequently express this worry, and the pod system is our go-to solution for helping them transition away from disposables. Our MTL device selection features options like the Ursa Nano and Xros Mini. As was previously indicated, switching to reusables is as simple as purchasing an MTL pod kit and filling it with a “Bar-style liquid,” such as Elf Liq or Bar Juice. These products and all the other Bar-style liquids have extra flavour concentrate to truly pack a punch, so they taste like disposable bars such as Elf Bar.

In contrast to the Elux Legends or Lost Mary 3500, which contain 3500 puffs (10ml of liquid in a bar), the Elf Bar liquid (Elf Liq) is 10ml, the same quantity as in an Elux Legend 3500 puff, but is perfectly legal.

While using an MTL device with Bar Liquids, you’ll notice that the flavour is much enhanced in comparison to that of standard disposable vapes. As the strength of the device increases, we believe that you will find that a nicotine concentration of 10mg/ml is sufficient if you are currently using a high-nicotine disposable of 20mg or above.

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