Instagram: How to create a broadcast channel

Since February 2023, Instagram has been testing a new feature that will allow users to create so-called broadcast channels. The feature is now available worldwide. We’ll tell you how to create your own channel.

Beginning today, Instagram is embarking on a global expansion of its broadcast channels, presenting countless creators with a fresh avenue to engage with their followers on a grand scale, in the immediacy of real-time. This significant enhancement provides millions of creators with an unprecedented opportunity to directly connect with their audience.”

Instagram announced this in an official blog post . Background: So far, the so-called broadcast channels were only available in the USA. In the future, however, all users worldwide will be able to use the function.

Instagram: What is a broadcast channel?

The Instagram broadcast channels are comparable to the channels on Telegram. These are public news channels through which users can address a broad mass of people. To do this, they have to invite their followers to subscribe to the corresponding channel.

Only the channel admin can create the content itself. However, guests have the opportunity to add reactions to the individual postings. In addition to text and videos, admins can also send photos or voice messages. In addition, surveys are possible. The respective channel is now displayed as a new section in the private messages.

New options are designed to attract followers

Influencers can invite other contributors to their channel. In this way, they should be able to interview others live or set up rounds of talks. In the future it should also be possible to add additional moderators who can help the admins to manage members, messages and content.

Instagram is also testing new controls to make it easier for creators to manage and promote their broadcast channels. For example, they will soon be able to set their channel expiration date and time, and share links and story previews to attract followers.

Create an Instagram broadcast channel: Here’s how
If you want to create a broadcast channel , you can do that relatively easily from your Instagram inbox . To do this, first open the app and tap on the small paper airplane icon at the top .

Then go to the write symbol at the top right to compose a new message . Now tap on ” Create broadcast channel “. Here you enter the following information:

Enter a name for your channel.
Choose an audience .
Decide when you want your channel to end.
You now have the option to decide whether you want your channel to be displayed on your profile.
Then tap on ” Create broadcast channel “. You can now find all your channels in your Instagram mailbox.

Instagram: How to invite other people to your broadcast channel
All your followers will receive a notification when you send the first message in your channel. If you also want to invite other users to your broadcast channel, you can do this in a number of ways.

Via an invitation link

You have the option to share an invite link to your channel. This feature can only be used in the mobile app. To do this, select the appropriate channel in your inbox .

To access the “invite link,” simply navigate to the group name located at the top of the chat and tap on it. You can now activate a slider next to it. Once you have done that, you and the channel participants can share the link with other people.

About your insta story

After setting up the broadcast channel, you can encourage your followers to join the channel by using the Join Channel sticker in your stories or by pasting the channel link in your profile. You also have the option to share a specific message from the channel to your story. Your followers can then see a corresponding picture there. When they tap it, they go to the broadcast channel and can join it.

Any user who joins a channel will later receive notifications of updates. In addition, there is an option to leave or mute channels at any time. If necessary, users can also completely deactivate the messages via broadcast channels of a creator.

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