How much does it cost to renovate a house?

There are many things to take into consideration when deciding whether or not to renovate your home, what is your budget? What is the right price?

The cost of a renovation is linked to several factors, five in particular: the surface, the material that you decide to install, basic problems that could arise, the systems and the company that will do the work for you. For Commercial Plumbing Click Here

How many of you, or your friends and relatives, have ever complained about the renovations that have been done to it?

We can say that in every trade or profession, we can meet both zealous and scrupulous people who carry out the services in an impeccable way, and people who turn out to be unreliable and perhaps with poor results in Lubbock TX?. In short, there are those who are better and those who are less.

We want our customers to trust us and consider us not just suppliers but real partners to whom they can ask for advice and solutions to satisfy their wishes.

The cost of a renovation assumes different weights in relation to the materials used, the timing of the necessary personnel. Our mission is that of transparency and ultimate satisfaction in Lubbock TX.

So beware of those who offer you apparently cheaper and more convenient interventions, perhaps operating in violation of legal rules and obligations. During the estimate, you will have all the economic information that will be used to transparently evaluate the correspondence of what is offered to the costs to be faced in Lubbock TX?.

So, having said that you can’t define a fixed price for a renovation, but you can define the right price.

Should I renovate?

Before renovating your home, you should take into consideration all the pros and cons that we may encounter, before making a mistake:


Make your home more comfortable and you will improve your and your standard of living.
By renovating your home, you will make it more welcoming.
Added resale value.


Possibility of spending too much and not having the desired results (if you don’t rely on professionals).
If you have to completely renovate your home, it may be necessary, depending on the renovation work, to leave while the work is being completed.
Dust! Unfortunately, renovating a house involves dust, but even here it is always necessary to evaluate what precautions are taken by those who carry out the work. For Emergency plumbers in Lubbock Tx Click here

What do I have to renew?

To better calculate your future renovation costs, you should calculate what you need to renovate, the kitchen. The bathroom? Bedroom? Once this has been evaluated, you will first of all have to carry out measurements relating to the surfaces you intend to renovate and verify the need or not to also intervene on existing systems or add new ones.

Below you will find price estimates for a kitchen, bathroom, and new flooring.


average renovation costs: $3,000-$6,000


Always keep in mind the space you need for your items (forks, pots, soaps, etc.)
Take the design into consideration.
Use stone for surfaces.
Install a canopy hood and dishwasher.


Purchase expensive equipment and fittings.
Limit convenience
Use an unusual color palette.


Average size: 6 square meters

average renovation costs: $2,000-$6,000


Install a shower or tub.
Include a double sink (if there is space and you like it. Very subjective choice).
Look at the design but above all the comfort.


  • Make extensive changes to the hydraulic system.
  • Install parquet
  • Abusing mosaic tiles.
  • New flooring
  • Average size: 90 square meters (on average there are 2-3 rooms in the house).

Average cost per square meter: $ 25 – $ 50 per square meter (depending on the quality of the material).

Average total cost: $2,250 – $4,500 Read more here about plumbing

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