How a video door phone can make your home more secure

When you can easily see who is at the entrance of your home with a video door phone, you feel good knowing who or what is arriving at your front door, be it your mom, your best friend, a delivery or someone , which you do not know. They don’t want to speak to you right away and may need a few seconds to gather their thoughts.

Front door intercoms are also a great way to catch thieves if they have struck before or want to spy on your home by utilizing an image storage feature in the video door phone monitor that records an image of the last person standing in front of the camera.

This very handy feature is also a great way to answer smaller questions, like if someone tried to call to see you on a certain day or if someone said they stopped by at a certain time.

Most home video intercoms are relatively inexpensive, adding spice and features around the home while adding value to your home.

If you think you need an additional internal monitor, e.g. one above and one below, that’s possible and has a wonderful effect on communication, since you’re talking between the two monitors.

Most doorphones allow you to open your gate lock with an opening feature on the internal monitors for ease of use once you know who is at the gate you need to let through. This is another useful security perk when you have a gate entry.

An intercom for two of your entry points, namely a back door and a front door, can also be used for added security. Generally, most intercoms have two different ringtones, so you can easily tell if someone is in the back or front doors.

Most intercoms are low voltage systems that are plug powered and have low voltage wiring so they are easy to install.

When installing a video door phone, you must find a qualified installer to ensure continued operation and security.

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