Here’s how to add music to your Instagram Reels

Adding music to your Instagram Reels is a way to engage your followers in a specific way. The platform even provides a music library for this purpose. So we’re going to show you how to add music to your Instagram Reels.

The background music of a video has a big impact on how it is perceived. This applies to the audio background of Instagram Reels.

The short videos give users the opportunity to address new audiences, express their personality and create and share entertaining content.

Instagram Reels: Audio library for private use only

Instagram provides you with a large selection of music and original audios from which you can choose a suitable track. Before you use the offer, you should think about the purpose for which you want to post a new reel.

Because the music library is intended exclusively for use by private individuals – i.e. people who publish non-commercial content. If you earn money as an influencer with Instagram or use your account commercially, you must first clarify the rights of use for the music in question yourself. Otherwise you could be warned or have to face other legal consequences.

Here’s how to add music to Instagram Reels

To incorporate music into your Instagram Reels, begin by launching the Instagram application. After that, click on the Camera icon and slide the menu down to ” reels “.

Now you pick up your reel. Then tap the audio button at the top of your screen. The music library will then open automatically. There you can either browse or search for a specific title.
Once you’ve selected a track, slide the playbar at the bottom of the screen left or right to find the snippet you want. When you’re happy with your selection, you can tap Done in the top right .

Then complete your reel and tap on ” Next ” in the lower right corner of the screen. At this point you can, for example, add subtitles, edit covers or tag people. If you are satisfied with your selection, you can click on ” Share ” in the lower right corner. Your Instagram Reel will now appear in your feed.

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