Google News update: New widgets for improved news viewing

Google News has received a fresh update in its latest version 5.82, bringing with it redesigned widgets that adhere to the current visual standards, promising an enhanced user experience. While Google has recently unveiled various new features for its Android apps, it appears that there are also unannounced updates being introduced to the app’s widgets.

Previously, Google News only offered a single widget that displayed personalized news along with an integrated weather display. However, with the release of version 5.82, users can now expect to see new and improved widgets that align with the current visual guidelines.

One of the new widgets is designed to display a single news item at a time. This widget allows users to access all available sources for the displayed news by simply tapping on a designated button. This feature enables users to delve deeper into the story and explore various perspectives from different sources. By providing easy access to multiple sources, Google News aims to enhance users’ understanding of current events and promote a more comprehensive news consumption experience.

In addition to the single news item widget, another widget has been introduced that showcases a list of at least two news items. Each news item within this widget is accompanied by a preview image, providing users with a glimpse into the content of the article. This list format allows users to quickly scan through multiple news items and choose the ones they find most interesting or relevant. By offering a visual preview, Google News aims to capture users’ attention and encourage further engagement with the articles.

With the arrival of these new widgets, Google is signaling its commitment to constantly improving the user experience of its News app. By incorporating design elements that align with the current visual standards, Google ensures that its app remains visually cohesive and consistent with other Android applications. This redesign not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the widgets but also contributes to a seamless and intuitive user interface.

As for availability, it is expected that the new widgets will be rolled out to devices over the coming days. However, it appears that this update will coincide with the discontinuation of the previous news widget. While the specifics of the discontinuation are not explicitly mentioned, users can anticipate the retirement of the existing widget in favor of the new and improved options.

In conclusion, the latest version 5.82 of Google News introduces redesigned widgets that conform to the current visual standards. These widgets offer users an enhanced news consumption experience, allowing them to explore different sources and access multiple perspectives on a particular news item. The addition of a single news item widget and a list-based widget with preview images provides users with greater flexibility in navigating and engaging with news articles. As Google continues to prioritize user experience, these redesigned widgets serve as a testament to the company’s commitment to providing an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly interface

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