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Let’s begin by identifying what you likely won’t require. Reverse osmosis drinking water filters are only needed in rural areas and may not be necessary if the well is in good condition. Without this extra step, the water from a reverse osmosis filter is not ready to drink. Its main task is to remove dirt from the water and purify it. It does not help remove chemicals and other contaminants. All homes can benefit from a good drinking water filter, but most don’t need an expensive reverse osmosis system.

Since going through a reverse osmosis drinking water filter no longer comes with listings and price tags, it’s time to consider other factors. Now think about it. Pretty good drinking water filter, but not the best. It does not affect the removal of MTBE from water.

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What is MBTE?

Gasoline additives have leaked into groundwater in many parts of the country. It stinks and spoils the taste of the water. If you live near a gas station, it could be a problem at home. If you get your water from a public utility, there’s a good chance you have a lot of water in your tap water. There are only two drinking water filters in the market block. One of them outperforms the other in terms of performance.

From the highest to the lowest point on the list, your next stop is a drinking water filter. It is among the companies that use the word “pure” in their advertising and marketing campaigns. Again, these are pretty good drinking water filters, but they don’t clog. Worse still, it only blocks about 95% of the lead.

Lead content is a big problem in many cities across the country. No lead is safe to consume. It stands out as one of the most highly toxic heavy metals. You can have your water tested, but in the meantime, invest in drinking water filters that can do more than just remove lead from your tap water.

You may think that the most expensive drinking water filter is not necessarily the best. On the other end of the spectrum, however, are some really affordable drinking water filter brands. You can find them at local stores and home shopping networks.

They come in a variety of very affordable prices. However, if you look at the performance data of the device, you will find that it costs more than 20 cents per gallon to use. Replacement drinking water filters are too expensive or the usage costs are too high since the entire unit has to be replaced sometimes on a monthly basis.

Another problem with cheaper drinking water filters is that the technology is not very good. Some of them just block chlorine and odors. None of the inexpensive drinking water filters block the by-product chlorine, a cancer-causing chemical found in most public water supplies across the country.

What is the solution?

There is a drinking water filter that will block everything mentioned here and more. It costs less than 10 cents a day to use and the units are competitively priced at retail.


With drinking water filters, before looking at the prices, you should first pay attention to certified performance data. The best companies make this information readily available.

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