Do these Lenovo tablets even compete with the iPad Pro?

Is Lenovo stepping out of the budget tablet space? However, the latest models should not be quite as expensive.

Lenovo, historically not known for manufacturing powerful technology in the mobile sector, is making a notable shift in the Chinese market. The company is set to introduce three new tablets that boast impressive technical specifications, challenging the competition.

The upcoming tablets are expected to feature a generous 12.7-inch LCD screen with a high refresh rate of 144 Hertz and a resolution of 2,944 x 1,840 pixels. While these display attributes catch the eye, the internal chips may not reach the same level of performance. Lenovo seems to be conscious of keeping the price affordable, catering to its target consumer base. Two of the tablets are rumored to be powered by a MediaTek Kompanio 900T chip, while the third model will rely on the slightly outdated Qualcomm Snapdragon 870. A notable commonality across all models is the inclusion of a 10,200 mAh battery, providing approximately two days of standby time.

Although Lenovo has not officially disclosed the launch date, there are indications that the release is imminent. The name “Lenovo Xiaoxin Pad Pro 12.7” suggests that the initial launch may be limited to the Chinese market. While the price remains undisclosed, Lenovo is likely to face tough competition from rivals such as the Xiaomi Pad 6 (Pro), necessitating a competitive pricing strategy.

Lenovo’s move to enhance its tablet offerings indicates a departure from its traditional perception as a manufacturer of budget-friendly tablets for users with modest performance requirements. By incorporating high-end features, such as the 144 Hertz display and a sizable battery, Lenovo aims to establish itself as a key player in the Chinese market and potentially expand its presence globally.

The upcoming Lenovo tablets signal the company’s commitment to delivering superior technology to its customers. While the choice of chips may not be the most cutting-edge, Lenovo understands the need to balance performance with affordability. As the launch date draws nearer, consumers eagerly await further details, including pricing information, to evaluate Lenovo’s tablets against the competition. Whether Lenovo can successfully make a mark in the highly competitive tablet market remains to be seen, but the company’s efforts to redefine its reputation are certainly commendable.

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