ChatGPT Plus: Web browsing allows access to current data from the Internet

ChatGPT developer OpenAI has announced new plugins for its artificial intelligence subscription. In the future, ChatGPT Plus users will be able to activate so-called web browsing, among other things. This means that the AI can also access current data from the Internet.

ChatGPT Plus will receive two new features in the future. Users of the paid subscription can, for example, activate what is known as web browsing. With this you can allow ChatGPT to search the internet for current data. Plus users should also be able to activate third-party plugins.

Web browsing: How to allow ChatGPT access to current data from the Internet

The developer company OpenAI has now confirmed rumors that were already circulating in its official release notes . Accordingly, the beta versions of the two new functions should be activated in a timely manner. Via web browsing, ChatGPT is then able to search the Internet for current data in order to “answer questions about current topics and events”.

So far, there has not been such a possibility, as ChatGPT’s level of knowledge only lasts until the end of 2021. However, in order to be able to use web browsing, not only do you need to be subscribed to ChatGPT Plus , you also need to activate the feature once the panel is available.

This is how you can use the ChatGPT plugins

With the plugins, ChatGPT can meanwhile carry out different online actions. For example, you can create a recipe and write the necessary ingredients on a shopping list and even calculate the calorie content per portion.

To use the third-party plugins, you must first enable the feature on ChatGPT’s website . You can then select “Plugin Store” from the “Plugins” drop-down list “to install and activate new plugins”.

According to OpenAI, both the web browsing and the plugins are initially planned as a beta version for ChatGPT Plus users. However, the company also announced that it intends to make the functions available to all ChatGPT users in the future. However, OpenAI did not give an exact date.

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