Blur in close-ups: Samsung promises a solution for the Galaxy S23 series

Samsung plans update to fix close-up blur issues for Galaxy S23 and S23+ users.

Samsung has recently made an exciting announcement for Galaxy S23 and S23+ owners, addressing a series of camera issues that have been plaguing some users. This time, the focus is on resolving the problem of blurred areas in photos taken at close proximity to objects. According to Samsung, this issue can be attributed to the large or open aperture of the camera, but the company is determined to rectify the situation with an upcoming update.

While users eagerly await the update, Samsung has already provided some handy tips on how to mitigate this problem on their own. It is suggested that users maintain a slightly greater distance from the object they are capturing in order to achieve better results. A distance of 30 centimeters is considered too close, and it is recommended to increase the distance by at least a hand’s breadth to ensure sharper images.

Moreover, Samsung advises users to hold their Galaxy S23 and S23+ devices vertically rather than horizontally when taking photos. This adjustment can make a significant difference in image quality, helping to avoid the blurring issue caused by the large aperture. By holding the device vertically, users can achieve improved focus and clarity in their close-up shots.

The decision to release an update to address these camera concerns demonstrates Samsung’s commitment to continuously enhancing the user experience. By acknowledging the limitations and promptly providing a solution, the company ensures that its customers can make the most out of their Galaxy S23 and S23+ devices.

Samsung’s efforts to provide practical tips in the interim are commendable, as they empower users to take better photos even before the update becomes available. By adhering to these suggestions, users can optimize their photography experience and capture clear and crisp images, especially when shooting objects in close proximity.

Overall, Samsung’s announcement of an upcoming update for Galaxy S23 and S23+ users, aimed at resolving camera issues related to blurred areas in close-up shots, showcases the company’s dedication to delivering a superior user experience. While awaiting the update, users can apply Samsung’s suggested tips, such as maintaining a slightly greater distance from the subject and holding the device vertically, to achieve better photo results. With these measures in place, Samsung users can look forward to capturing stunning images with their Galaxy S23 and S23+ devices.

Samsung’s statement:

When testing the camera capabilities of the S23 or S23+, you may have noticed that the area around the subject looks a little blurry when taking close-up shots. This is because the wide-angle rear camera on the S23 and S23+ has a very open aperture, which helps when shooting in the dark. However, this also means that more selective focus can make the background of your photos appear a little blurry.

Samsung Forum, Tarun Vats

Samsung does not give a specific date, but some improvements are expected for the upcoming June 2023 update and this may appear in week 23.

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