Apple – iPhone and iPad will become smart displays in the future!

Apparently Apple is working on converting the display of the iPad and iPhone to the smart home center with iOS 17!

Apple – iPhone and iPad display becomes the smart home center!
Our beloved journalist and editor of Bloomberg, Mark Gurman, is making a name for himself again. He’s coming around the corner with exactly this rumor . Especially for HomeKit users, this topic is not so meaningless. Although Apple is apparently already working on a smart home center using a new device , it could now convert all devices to it.

Appointments, the weather, smart home device control or notifications – this could be displayed horizontally on the iPhone or iPad in the future. The idea behind it is also simple. One would like to make the devices more useful even when they are idle, charging or placed on the desk. The display then appears in the locked state. Android has had something similar on board for a long time. For the iPad, the feature might be a little longer in coming as the new iOS 16 lock screen that features the new feature hasn’t come to the iPad yet.

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