Amazon Prime soon with mobile tariff?

Amazon plans to offer Prime customers a cellular plan, potentially unlimited 5G flat-rate at no extra cost.

Amazon’s Prime package has long been regarded as an excellent offering, with a wide range of services and benefits for subscribers. However, the e-commerce giant is not resting on its laurels and is constantly striving to enhance the Prime experience. Exciting news has emerged, as Amazon plans to introduce mobile services for Prime customers in the USA. This move is expected to provide additional value and convenience to Prime members, and negotiations with network operators such as Verizon are underway to make this vision a reality.

Amazon’s Dependence on Network Operators

Given that Amazon does not possess its own mobile network infrastructure, it must collaborate with established network operators like Verizon in order to develop its own mobile phone offering. The primary objective is to design a tariff plan that will ideally grant Prime members an unlimited 5G flat rate without incurring additional costs. However, even if supplementary charges are necessary, Amazon aims to keep them below $10 per month, ensuring affordability for its customers.

Expanding the Prime Package

Amazon has been relentlessly expanding its Prime package, particularly in the United States, where it already encompasses an extensive array of services and advantages. As other retailers offer similar competitive packages, Amazon is determined to enhance Prime further. The ultimate goal is to create a comprehensive subscription that fulfills all everyday needs, consolidating various services under one subscription.

Drawing Inspiration from Google’s Approach

While Google may not have an online retail presence like Amazon, it has successfully ventured into numerous internet services and has been offering its own mobile phone packages for several years. These bundles often include a tariff plan, a Pixel smartphone, YouTube Premium, and Google One storage. Digital companies like Google aspire to provide a comprehensive suite of services and become a one-stop destination for users’ needs.

Amazon’s Strategy for Prime Expansion

Amazon’s move into the mobile service space is part of its broader strategy to bolster the Prime offering. By venturing into mobile services, the company aims to integrate yet another essential aspect of daily life into its subscription model. Prime customers will enjoy the convenience of accessing a range of services, including e-commerce, streaming, and now mobile connectivity, all in one place.

Potential Impact on the Market

Amazon’s entry into the mobile phone market could have far-reaching implications for the industry. The company’s vast customer base and brand loyalty, combined with the competitive pricing it aims to offer, may disrupt the market and compel existing players to reassess their offerings. The introduction of an affordable unlimited 5G flat rate could drive significant adoption among Prime members and attract new subscribers, leading to a shift in market dynamics.


Amazon’s announcement of its plans to introduce mobile services for Prime customers in the USA heralds an exciting development in the company’s ongoing expansion of its Prime package. By leveraging partnerships with established network operators, Amazon aims to provide an unlimited 5G flat rate to Prime members at an affordable price, further enhancing the value proposition of the subscription. As Amazon continues to evolve its Prime package, it seeks to rival competitors by consolidating a wide range of services and benefits into a single subscription, catering to the everyday needs of its customers. The integration of mobile connectivity aligns with the broader trend among digital companies, exemplified by Google, to offer a comprehensive suite of services from a single source. The impact of Amazon’s entry into the mobile market may reverberate throughout the industry, prompting competitors to reevaluate their strategies in response to the changing landscape.

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