5 tips for beginners when using locks

What are canal locks?

You and your narrowboat can go up and down the hill through the lock. This is done by changing the water level in the channel. The lock itself consists of a chamber with two doors at the front and two doors at the back.

How do canal locks work?

You sail into the locks with your narrowboat and the gates close behind you. If it is necessary to go “over the hill”, the water enters the lock and raises the narrow boat. On a “downhill” trip, the water will flow out of the lock and even sink the narrow boat locks. When you reach the top or bottom (depending on whether you’re going up or down), the door in front of it will open and you’ll cruise through.

How does the water get into the locks?

Reading the door and lock chamber at the front is called a “paddle”. This door opens and closes with the aid of an “anchor windlass”. A lever is used to turn the gear and open and close the paddle. An anchor winch is available on rental boats.

What do canal locks do?

When a narrow boat is thrown into a lock, the boat’s rope is wrapped around a bollard at the top of the lock. This keeps the narrow boat stable as the water rises and falls. Do not tie ropes to bollards. Problems can arise. If the water level drops, the boat can float in the air.

How long does it take to go through the locks?

It takes about 20 minutes to go through the canal locks. A canal boat holiday is a very relaxing, slow cruising holiday so there is no rush when operating the locks.

Also remember to keep your motorcycle safe as these items are always the target of thieves. There are special locks you can buy to provide extra protection for your engines, so make sure you invest in these.

Insurance and alarm systems

Another action you should take to protect your boat is to make sure you have adequate insurance. Often people tend to skimp on this type of coverage because they think it is not essential to put a lot of money into insuring their boats. You want to make sure you have enough coverage to protect yourself not only in the event that your boat is stolen, but also in the event that items are stolen from your boat.

Make a list of your boat’s serial numbers, as well as any identification numbers on your engine, and keep them in a safe place. These numbers are important if your boat is ever stolen.

You may want to consider installing a GPS system on your boat. This will help authorities track your boat’s location, should the need ever arise.

You can also purchase different alarm systems for your boat. The Canvas Snap alarm system involves installing a snap sensor on your boat’s canvas. If anyone touches that canvas, the alarm will go off. You can also choose to purchase Pressure Mats. These activate an alarm when someone steps on them and they are easy to install and remove.

An immobilizer is very similar to a car alarm. These contain immobilizer switches that can actually prevent your boat from being stolen by turning off the ignition. These are excellent security devices to install and well worth the money.

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